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High-Ranking Gigs > Ordinary Gigs ✅ Leave it to Saba to teach you how to create gigs that SELL! 💰💰💰 Freelancing is not only about joining a platform and knowing a skill, it requires strategy, and the most important part of that strategy is gig creation! In this course, Saba will teach you to create gigs that WORK on Fiverr. Why her? She is a successful freelancer with 100+ clients across the globe. Not just that, in the beginning of her freelance career she received her first orders within 7 days of joining. How? She paid a lot of attention to gig creation. That's what made her stand out and that is what makes her the perfect choice to design this course. In a nutshell, this course will discuss the process of gig creation along with pro tips and gig ranking strategies, a design tutorial, ending with a motivational and secret-spilling session with successful freelancers. Take this course and never look back!

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In this section, get introduced to what the differences between a high-ranking gig and ordinary gig are. There are many, and be warned, you don't want ordinary gigs when the competition is so tough. See how you can create gigs that rank fairly high and that sell your skills to more clients!

  • Part 1 8min 30sec
  • Part 2 24min 16sec
  • Part 3 17min 50sec

Break down and discover the secrets that contributed to the incredible success of certain high-ranking gigs on Fiverr. Look at the said gigs and see how you can tweak your own gigs according to the success factors identified.

  • Part 4 7min 44sec

Who needs to hire graphic designers anymore? This is the age of DIY, and if others can design then so can you! This section aims to provide you a short tutorial on exploring all the features of a free online tool, Canva, used by thousands of people around the world to make designs. Now not just create gigs, create gig thumbnails that help you stand out among competition and scoop up that business! 💪

  • Part 5 12min 33sec

Prepare to be wowed with industry knowledge and insider information no one else will tell you. In this section, learn from successful freelancers and gain pro level guidelines on Fiverr gig creation. Grab your notepads and start taking notes because they'll talk about their personal experiences on the platform, as well as the secret hacks they use to rank high with Fiverr's algorithm.

  • Part 6 25min 33sec
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Saba Asif

Fiverr Freelancer | MS Scholar @ LUMS | Software Engineer

Freelancer with 100+ clients | Software Engineer | Content Writer


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